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Its Coming

[Owner] Xileforce aOwner posted Jun 4, 16

It's Coming!

BrGamer9000 OH MAH LORD
i_smell_rats Is the modpack running?
Andrewpogi09 :DDDDDD
This shouldn't really be a surprise to anyone since it was announced over a month ago but today is Oct.1 which was our general eta to have the update done. As it stands, Modpack is basically done, I'm mainly just waiting on a few big updates, for rotarycraft for example, before I release it to the public. After that. We will be able to begin server finalizing. What will probably happen is the pack will get updated and then the server will be whitelisted for a few days while we configure the plugins and stuff. I would guess reika will update his mods today or tomorrow. Thaumcraft also potentially has a big update that adds world gen but I have no idea how long that could be so I probably won't wait.
vatofrog where the crap is cataclysm?
supergamer556 Can't join because it says my modpack is out of date. Please help.
THTT Is there a download anywhere?
I'm proud to announce our latest overhaul of InfiniX! This harkens back a bit more to the origins of InfiniX with a faster pace and more excitement. I hope you enjoy.

-Badass New Server!: significantly faster than old server, additionally I spent many many hours tweaking the JVM to optimize performance. Its also running java 8 which was found to give a noticeable improvement. Additionally its got 32gb of ram so ram is not an issue ever again, and its running on SSDs instead of hard drives which means everything will be faster! You can thank Banjo for this!

-Factions!: Factions is back! Its just simpler and better for PvP in my opinion.

-Boot time is way lower!: You should notice that the pack boots significantly faster due to the lack of gregtech. My boot time went down by about 3x. 

-Big Dig style ore generation

-More exotic and mountainous terrain.

-Hundreds of updates to existing mods! Computer craft 1.6 is a big one! ICBM turrets work too!

Mod changes:

-Mad Science
-Borderlands Weapon Mod!
-Manu's Modern Warfare Flans Pack
-Manu's WW2 Flans Pack
-Advanced Machines(better edition)
-Probably more that I forgot!

-Resonant induction
-Atomic Science
-Twilight Forest
-I feel like I'm missing some...

In addition. We spent a crazy amount of time balancing and tweaking things. Ars magica spells have their damage reduced by 20% across the board. That makes them slightly less OP. Big reactors were nerfed a bit so that they aren't the only thing people use. Time torches are gone. Those things were op as shit. And without GT they aren't as needed. ICBM actually works so that's cool.
universe_games whats the server ip?
daforsyth D: not I loved twilight forest. plus idk if this is true but I heard rotary craft solor towers cause lag like never seen...
Andrewpogi09 FINNALY Greg TECH NU MORE

Credit System!

[Owner] Xileforce aOwner posted Jun 14, 14
Since most of you guys dont visit the website...I figured I would incentivize you a bit :) nowintroducing the point system! For simply registering on the site you get 15 points. For making 200 posts you get 45 points. For getting 75 likes you get 10 points. For making 25 posts within 2 days you get 3 points and you can cash that in over and over. However if you dont visit the site at least once every 7 days you lose 5 points every time :O. Now you may be asking yourself. What can I do with my points? Well that's easy! You can buy donor stuff with them! could if I had set that up already but I haven't! So like a day you will be able to. :) maybe I'll even let you purchase donor ranks with them. Happy credit hunting!
Ethan3388 Yea good luck
Tombrady0819 x can't u make it 100 for 45 or 150 200 is alot
Omuck3 I like the point system, but I have not received my 45 points for making 200 posts.
So Changes Include:

-ICBM Is Back With A Vengeance

-ExtraUtilities Is In

-Mystcraft Is In For Commandos And SP Play(Lag Issues)

-Tons Of Updates and Tweaks

-Probably Something Else Really Important!
Omuck3 When are we getting a replacement for energy manipulator!?!(I also want the other flan's for ww2 weapons)
Kimono-B That's nice, but can we get the server files, for those of us who host unofficial servers? Still stuck at Retarded ...
robochicken11 Nice! But when is Blood Magic and the Thaumcraft Addons coming out?