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Anything that has absolutely no correlation to InfiniX
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Anything that doesn't really fit into a category but has to do with InfiniX
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By robochicken11 4 hours ago
Post staff applications here!
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By yalcomacob Fri at 16:29
Post neat things you make! You can even post tutorials on how to make them! Share your ideas!
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By robochicken11 19 hours ago
Plead for your life while we laugh at you.
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By Lithorn Tue at 19:26
Post and advertise your YouTube Series here!
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By [Owner] Xileforce aOwner 6 hours ago
InfiniX Modpack
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Toss me suggestions here!
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By [Owner] Xileforce aOwner 19 hours ago
Report bugs related to the modpack here! Not server Issues!
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By [Mod] Jonny3456 Fri at 18:53
InfiniX Official Server
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Post Crashes, Messed up stuff, or anything broken related to official server here!
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By [Mod] Banjomarx Fri at 12:44
Any suggestions to make the server better!
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By [Owner] Xileforce aOwner 20 hours ago
InfiniX Unofficial Servers
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Post your InfiniX servers here!
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